Catherine Damman is an art historian and writer.

Catherine’s research focuses on performance and the history of art, including experimental dance, theater, film, and music. Her article, “Dance, Sound, Word: The ‘Hundred-Jointed Body’ in Zurich Dada Performance,” appears in The Germanic Review. A PhD candidate in art history at Columbia University, she is completing her dissertation—on the entanglements of narrative, media, and performance in American art of the 1970s—as a Chester Dale Fellow at the Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts (CASVA).

email: catherine.damman [at] gmail.com

Selected Writing

See Change: Remembering Trisha Brown
Bookforum, Summer 2017

Simone Forti: Lesson in Suppleness
Art Journal, Spring 2017

Richard Maxwell's Showcase
Artforum, December 2016

Brian Getnick's Moonchops
Riting, October 2016

"Control Group" in Jared Bark: Photobooth Pieces
New York: Hunter's Point Press / D.A.P., 2016

Martine Syms's Misdirected Kiss
Artforum, February 2016

Performance text for Adam Linder's Choreographic Service No. 3: Some Riding 
at the ICA London [skip to 25:00]

Aki Sasamoto's Skewed Lies / Parallel Stare
Artforum, July 2015

Yvonne Rainer's The Concept of Dust...
Artforum, June 2015

Yve Laris Cohen's Fine
Artforum, May 2015

Ligia Lewis's Minor Matter
Artforum, February 2015

Sarah Michelson's 4
Women & Performance, January 2015

Steve Paxton at Dia:Beacon
Artforum, November 2014

"On Roots and Reckoning" on Radical Presence: Black Performance in Contemporary Art
at the Walker Art Center

Simone Forti and Charlemagne Palestine's illummminnnatttionnnsssss!!!!!!! 
Artforum, April 2014

Pope.L's Cage Unrequited
Art in America, December 2013

Ryan McNamara's ME3M
Art in America, November 2013

Dance and Process at the Kitchen
Art in America, June 2013

Selected Reviews

Samara Golden at YBCA
Artforum, April 2016

Julia Heyward at the CCA Wattis
Artforum, May 2015

Rituals of Rented Island at the Whitney
Art in America, March 2014

My Barbarian's Universal Declaration of Infantile Anxiety...
Art in America, October 2013